Bema 87 in Warsaw


The perfect localization is one of the greatest advantages of the residential property at Bema street (between Wolska and Kasprzaka streets).  The direct access to Trasa Torunska (route) is essential in terms of  current communication paralysis of the city.

It is the largest building completed by the Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa "Pasteura" of all its  residential  commercial premises  so far. There are 130 apartments with a total floor space of over 7,800 square meters. It should be mentioned that the building was divided into four separate parts with separate staircases (with two elevators in each) and independent entrances. Next to the porter’s lodge there is only one entrance to the property and to each staircase. The building is protected round-the-clock, assuring peace and safety to residents. A playground for children as well as green areas in the courtyard gives the opportunity  to relax.