The new building as the old, Gazeta Wyborcza, 28 March 2008

Stylish new state house in Warsaw's Wola, at the confluence al. Solidarity and st. Iron. - It will resemble the pre-war houses - says Anna Szymanik-Borkowska, president of the Iron-Flats Sp. z o. o.
Iron-Flats Company continues the investment activity and a Housing developer "Pasteur" in Warsaw. Cooperative Leszno built streets, Pasteur, Bema, Sirens, and Popular.

- The basic premise of the building was carried out to maintain it in a prewar building a climate of Warsaw - the company's CEO says the Iron-Flats-Borkowska Szymanik Anna. For this purpose, the developer had consulted a conservator. - Thanks to this project has evolved, especially in shaping the geometry of the roof - from dormer shells, flat roofs, to the ultimate expression of a pitched roof to existing buildings alluding in the region of intersection al. Solidarity and st. Iron - explains President Szymanik-Borkowska.

Tenement will have six floors. There rise 37 apartments from 50 to 113 square meters on each floor will be six units. Also planned a two-level underground garage. On the ground floor commercial premises structured around three and a front desk for parking. The building will be fenced, with monitoring.

- In accordance with the planned buildings corner plot at al. Solidarity and st. Iron gable on the east side is designed as a complete, allowing completion of corner frontage - explains Mrs. President.

The building will be a modern town house, "Warsaw," which preserves the characteristic elements of the façade, such as symmetry, the introduction of architectural detail. Will be used as fine finishing materials, including sandstone rock, sheet titanium-zinc, aluminum joinery and glazing on the ground floor gable walls on the top floor.

That most, top-floor apartment is designed with an area of ​​447 sq m with terrace and winter garden. Elevator will directly enter the apartment. Inside you will find a patio, a mezzanine. Gable walls are glazed.

- Large windows and glazing on both the elevation and in the roof give the building, in our opinion, the modern character and increase the comfort of flats - says Mrs. President. In the central part of the front is designed representational entrance to the building through the glass "green" vestibule and lobby with reception. While in the interior finishes are applied with a high standard (stone, wood, stainless steel).

Construction began in December 2007 and completion is scheduled for fourth quarter 2009 price varies and depends on the location of the property. These side al. Solidarity is valued at 10 thousand. zł per sq. m. However, for the courtyard square meters will no longer have to pay 14 thousand. zł. Garage costs an additional 35 thousand. zł.

Erected house will probably not last, he realizes the company. The company is interested in an adjacent plot on which the building is neglected. - We would like to buy the property from the city and in its place put another house - adds Szymanik-Borkowska.

author: Wojciech Karpieszuk