al. Solidarności 155 w Warszawie


The last apartment in the center of Warsaw, the fourth floor, 99.8 square meters of living-space at exceptional price

Noble Dom LLC has prepared a special offer for the last apartment in Villa Natalia Solidarnosci 155 Avenue. Built ​​in one of the main streets in the center of Warsaw (at Solidarnosci 155 Avenue, the intersection of Żelazna Street), the investment is a cozy apartment building with all the currently available technical innovations. There are only 37 apartments located in the building and two penthouses  with terraces and a winter garden on the top floor. There are three commercial premises on the ground floor and parking spaces, which are located in the two-floor underground garage. The basis of the building was tiled with natural stone and the outside of the building is made of sandstone. The staircases are decorated with mirrors and photographs of pre-war Warsaw with large windows on the elevation and in the roof, giving the building a contemporary character and luxury feeling. The building is not only fenced and equipped with a 24/7 security-monitoring system, but also a porter monitors building security and safety all the time. Perfectly communicated with each part of the city, the building offers to its residents proximity to cinemas, theatres, shops, schools and offices. Ground floor premises in this building can serve as a perfect place for your spacious office.


Very last chance to buy an apartment at a promotional price!


Catalogue of apartments: 
GROUND FLOOR local 0-1 sold  
local 0-2 sold  
local 0-3 sold  
FIRST FLOOR local 1-1 sold  
local 1-2 sold  
local 1-3 sold  
local 1-4 sold  
local 1-5 sold  
local 1-6 sold  
SECOND FLOOR local 2-1 sold  
local 2-2 sold  
local 2-3 sold  
local 2-4 sold  
local 2-5 sold  
local 2-6 sold  
THIRD FLOOR local 3-1 sold  
local 3-2 sold  
local 3-3 sold  
local 3-4 sold  
local 3-5 sold  
local 3-6 sold  
FOURTH FLOOR local 4-1 sold  
local 4-2 sold  
local 4-3 sold  
local 4-4 FREE
local 4-5 sold  
local 4-6 sold  
FIFTH FLOOR local 5-1 sold  
local 5-2 sold  
local 5-3 sold  
local 5-4 sold  
local 5-5 sold  
local 5-6 sold  
SIXTH FLOOR local 6-1 sold  
local 6-2 sold  
local 6-3 sold  
local 6-4 sold  
local 6-5 sold  
local 6-6 sold  
SEVENTH FLOOR local 7-1 sold  
local 7-2 sold